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In addition to learning more about the different muscle tests like in Level 1, you will in this course:
– learn an additional 14 muscle tests
– focus on understanding the ‘bodyclock’
– Learn everything about the 5 elements and their connected emotions
– Besides this we will work with food, acupressure, cross crawl and pain techniques.
So you get more possibilities to bring the body and the mind in balance.

In this level two course we will have a look at the meridian clock and the 5 elements with their emotions.
You will learn to test also if there is an over- or under-energy in the meridians and of course 14 new muscle test to get more information out of the body.

You will learn to understand the body language en to communicate this with the person you give the balance and you can of course  also use it for your self.

Course conditions: Touch for Health 1

Cursus data

Datum Begintijd Eindtijd
02-12-2022 17:30 21:00
03-12-2022 09:00 17:00
04-12-2022 09:00 17:00

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Prijs cursus: $ 280,-
Verblijfskosten: n.v.t.
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Adres: Welfare Road 64
Plaats: Cole Bay

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